Bibles & Bible Resources

Jesus told some religious leaders, “You are wrong because you know neither the scriptures nor the power of God," (Matthew 22:29.)

To keep ourselves from error, we need to read the Bible cover to cover in a variety of translations and pray for God to guide and empower us in Jesus' Name.

These Bible resources also help:

Reviews of new editions and translations of the Bible help you to find a version you'll be most apt to embrace and read.

Bible Prayers bring you prayers by Bible people to strengthen your relationship with God and pray for concerns in the language of today.


Writing Resources

Knowing what you like, dislike, and why will help you to improve your poems, devotionals, sermons, and writings in all genres. Getting to know your audience is important too, but most important is loving God, loving people, and using your God-given talents.

With professional feedback and practice, your writing skills can also help to improve other types of communication. These user-friendly e-books will help:

Christian Writer's Guide

Christian Poet's Guide to Poetry

Poetry Dictionary For Children & For Fun

For more Resources, click here.

One-on-One Feedback and other Editorial Helps

How do you lift your work into the next level of professionalism? With help! The best feedback comes from a published poet, writer, or pastor, who's drawn to teaching.

For one-on-one professional feedback, critique, and editorial help, email Mary Sayler with a brief description of your project and its theme, length, purpose, and intended audience.

Reading your manuscript (usually several times!) and offering helpful suggestions takes time, of course, which requires a proportionate fee. Be assured, though, your project will be treated with honesty, courtesy, and professionalism.

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Mary Sayler has been a freelance and assignment writer for Christian and educational publishers for many years. In addition to her extensive publishing credits in all genres, she's worked with other poets and writers, first through her correspondence courses and workshops then critiques, blogs, e-books, and social media groups. However, she's kept her fees below norm in hopes of helping Christian poets, writers, and other communicators for Christ communicate accurately, poetically, and well.


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