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Books featured in left-hand column:

the Book of Bible Prayers: actual Bible prayers collected and paraphrased from God's Word - prayer book for individual and church use.

the Book of KJV Prayers: actual Bible prayers from the King James Version only.

What the Bible Says about Love (nonfiction paperback of scriptures on love, paraphrased in contemporary English)

Lost in Faith (paperback of realistic poems of doubts and faith)

PRAISE! (paperback of contemporary psalms and prayer-poems)

Christian Writer's Guide (to writing, revising, publishing - e-book)

Christian Poet's Guide to Writing Poetry (e-book revision of the poet-author's home study course she wrote and used for years)

Poetry Dictionary For Children & For Fun (A to Z guide to poetry forms, terms, and techniques for all ages)

Faces in a Crowd (traditional and free verse on relationships)

Hand Me Down the Dawn (inspirational romance, originally published as part of the Serenade/Sage series by Zondervan)

Column on the International Literary Quarterly (Interlitq) - Poets Who Make Us Better:

Caryll Houselander
T.S. Eliot
the Psalmists
the Prophets

Poems on the Internet:

2 poems on Treasure the Quiet Moment
3 Poems on Poetry Pacific
20 Poems on Catholic Lane
After Life - International Literary Quarterly (aka Interlitq)
Alms - poems in first issue of Barren Magazine
ALTARWORK poems and devotionals
Another Love Poem on Interlitq
Awake O Child of God song lyric on Godspace
Bearing Banners - on Interlitq
Burial Grounds, Issue IV, Labyrinthine Poetry (scroll down page)
Charcoal Portrait of an Actress vox poetica’s Silken Rags
Common Ground, Issue IV, Labyrinthine Poetry (scroll down page)
Designated Survivors on Interlitq
Drawing Stars in The Literati Quarterly 
Exteriors – a poem on anderbo
Finding Giverny off a Sand Road in Florida – poem in Wild Violet
Frontlets -
on Interlitq
Going Mile Two  issue 9, The Whirlwind Review
Grieving - on Interlitq
Halloween Costumes
 on GodSpace
Illumination -
on Interlitq
Just Poetry poem onetwo
Landscape Loved by Wallace Stevens – included in article “Wallace Stevens and Walking the Landscape.”
Micropoetry by Mary Sayler
Middle-Aged Mother Goes Up, Up, Up in Iambic Pentameter with Champagne After  on Slow Trains (first in Kalliope)
 poem in Windhover
Nocturnal Labor on vox poetica
Nocturnal Talons
on Interlitqu
NOISE on Interlitq
Object of Conversation (about Moses’ sister Miriam) Bridges
On US 41 - in first issue of Barren Magazine
Real Estate – poem in Written River
Recipe – poem on vox poetica
Rehearsals – mini poem in Hedgerow: a journal of small poems  (scroll down page)
Storm Sequence in Tanka - on Interlitq
The Message on Interlitq
The Price of Love on Godspace
The Swing, Unseen by Stevenson – poem on Hiraeth’s site with photo of swinging corner in Mary’s backyard
Trying Not to be Too Sunny – poem and its impetus in God and Nature
Two Parable Prose Poemson Interlitq
- on Interlitq
What hovers nearest my heart, O Lord – prayer-poem and photo-art on Godspace
When God passes before us onGodspace
Why I killed a Snake on Purpose without Meaning to
 on Spillwords
World War II Poems in International War Veterans Poetry Archives

Interviews and Reviews

Bible Reviews of new editions and translations
Faith, Fiction, Friends feature
Featured Poet
on Poetry Host
Interview with Hiraeth Press  includes Mary’s poems and some of her nature photographs
Interview on Jobshadow
Interview on Marciescaringhands blog
Interview on Old Things R New

Interview about poetry for Ashvamegh, a literary journal published in India 
Interview on
Poet-Author page on Hiraeth site
Poetry Editor & Poetry reviews of new books of poems published by poetry book publishers
Review by Glynn Young of Faces in a Crowd
Review by Glynn Young of PRAISE!
Saturday Good Reads
TPQ5, The Poetry Question


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